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    lived the real thing too much


    One guy asks a woman if she likes Shakespeare.

    She says: I read his plays in high school. I could never relate to them before.

    He asks: And now you can?

    She replies: Maybe. He's got all of what life has to offer, especially the negatives, but I've lived the real thing too much to be impressed anymore by a fiction of it.

    OK, I understand that S. in his plays expressed many negative things about life, but the woman had such a hard life that she's not impressed by them anymore, right?

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    Re: lived the real thing too much


    A similar example would be if you had, at one time in your life, been rescued from a sinking ship. A friend asks you "I'm having a movie night at my house. Would you like to come over and watch Titanic?" And you would reply "I don't want to watch it, I've lived it."

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