Hi everybody, I'm aplying for an Internship, could you please check my motivation letter and give me some ideas:

Dear selection committee of Internships program,

I am a student of University of B and I am currently enrolled in the 3th semester of the master program .... With this letter, I would like to apply for the Internship in the S Institute.
I appreciate the opportunity to provide further background information in support of my application. I was born in a family with a strong belief in the importance of education. Being highly motivated by my parents, I have always striven to be a good student. In addition to my academic activities, I also give time to my community taking part in many social activities experiencing work in a group together with many people from different backgrounds. Therefore, I can adapt to new situations and make friends easily.
I have interest in Natural Sciences. I wish to develop my knowledge and skills in this area in order to become a good researcher. I have an university degree in Biology in k, my home country, and I am very fond of nature and ecology, a you may be aware of k is a country full of unique and lots of specimens of plants as well as animals and this is one of the main reason why I decided to make a career in biology as I am aware of the importance that us human beings have to put in the effort to care and preserve the natural ecosystem around us for our future. It is my dream to contribute to the development of this field in my country. Now Im cursing a Master program in Ecology in G (another country). I consider if we can get to improve our ecosystem to face the climatic changes that are coming to our planet we will be able to understand how to save the most of our resources and we may give ourselves other opportunity against climate changes.
I would like to be involved in the research projects that the S Institute offers and one of the main reason I am interested in the this program is because I considered as a good experience work in a big Institute who has a strong effort in research, conservation and it is one of the most biggest museums in the world. Another reason is that there is no such kind of programs or any related alike program in my home country and I believe this is such an important matter in our lifetime that it must be implemented worldwide as an issue so important that all must make what its up to us to push the effort to preserve nature, so if I will be able to participate as an Intern I will implement it in my country by any means possible to me.

This will also be a nice opportunity for me to get in touch with the American culture and thats something I will appreciate a lot. I will like to make my Internship there because there are such types of technologies and processes so innovative that I can take advantage on real life in a country like mine to benefit society and nature. I hope that you are interested in help me in my career.

I like to take responsibility and to work as part of a team. I am eager to gain new experiences and in my opinion this program is the best way to achieve that. I am positive that a Internship in the Smithsonian Institute would be an excellent start for an ambitious career.

I sincerely hope that my qualifications and educational experiences will meet your high requirements.

Please find enclosed all the required documents for the Internship program. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further details or documents.