I am currently trying to apply to the Erasmus Mundus master's program, and one of the things I need to do (and is most improtant), is a good motivation letter. Since this is so important, I decided to post it here. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a critical view at it. Please also tell me if I have written anything stupid, that shouldn't be part of a motivation letter anyway.
Thanks a lot in advance!

Motivation statement

My name is Kudrat Rahimov. I would like to apply to the Erasmus Mundus mater’s scholarship program (MEDEG).
When I was 9 years old, by chance I heard the journalist’s speech on one of the Russian channels. I did not keep in mind exactly what he said, but there were, roughly speaking, such kind of words: “… our investors have to learn how money gives birth money”. A few days later, I bought empty bottles from my neighbors and sold them at a high price in order to save money, because I wanted to help my parents. My mother, teacher of mathematics at school, smirked and told me I learnt how money bore money. At that time I did not understand what the word, finance or economics, meant, but I began thinking about how I may help grow our family’s budget.
Since that my interests appeared in subjects, especially, mathematics and those interests led me to study at the faculty of International Economic Relations of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. During my study at the university along with my major, International economic relations and World economy, I studied different subjects: Econometrics, Micro-macroeconomics, and Statistics. My particular sphere of interest is international economic relations, trade and global policy, so I would like to pursue my further education at Master in Economic Development and Growth. I have a desire to deepen my knowledge on the subjects related to the sphere in which I intend to work. My main goal in life is to seek out opportunities to further improve and test my skills. I also want to constantly keep learning and discovering things, even after I attain my Masters’ grade. I am fully confident that the Erasmus Mundus MEDEG has perfect opportunity available and it plays a key role to achieve my future career goal.
During my undergraduate study, I equipped myself as best as I could, with various tools used in economic analysis. I obtained rigorous training at mathematics, econometrics and theory of probability. During the study on the undergraduate level, I made a coursework on topic “Econometric modeling in Foreign Exchange Market”. At that time, I tried to show an indirect correlation between the political issues and the interest rates. Dr. Sarimsoqova praised my work and it was one of the elite presentations in the class. Furthermore, I was one of just five percent in the class to gain the high point in Quantitative Methods in Economics.
Although teaching staff of our university were very demanding and strict, we managed to get good marks on some subjects such as Management, Finance and Accounting and Audit which require high analytical and logical abilities. Apropos of my interest in stock and exchange market, outside the study time I tried to attend the training course of the learning centre, “Uztraders”, specialized in stock and exchange market transactions. I was pro-active on my undergraduate level and finished the university with good points.
In a way of realizing my plans I had an internship and currently employed in the State Joint Stock Foreign Trade Company “Uzprommashimpeks” considered as the leading foreign trade company of Uzbekistan by the volume of turnovers. I have written a number of term papers in the university relating to that field of study as foreign economic partners of Uzbekistan. Full time employment for the period of July, 2009 and April, 2010 as a leading specialist with regional cotton terminal “XORAZM-TOLA” Ltd. company has been very good experience.
I give a priority to the Erasmus Mundus Master’s program in Economic Growth and Development as there I would have a chance to study the major in economic growth, trade models and policy, and trade and growth. Communications with the people of diplomatic corps, participation in arrivals of the presidents of various countries during my study at the university and gained work experience have given me the confidence to tackle problems on a given level. In addition to that, I will have a chance to implement my knowledge in trade and development issues of economies in Uzbekistan when I come back. So I look forward to applying these abilities to the perfect opportunity available at University of Warwick.
Fluency in Russian and being pro-active in extracurricular activities as well as stimulating enthusiasm will help me to understand cultural aspects as quick as possible while studying with international students. It is in turn important to note in my second year at the university I took up second place in the competition after Abdulla, my course mate, in reading classical Russian literature. Also I could show up my talents in some sports competitions, such as table-tennis and football. In one of my summer internship, our combined students’ team played football against the team of bank clerks and it was a stimulating event for us, as manager assistant of National Bank of Uzbekistan of Urgench branch promised that the best player of the match would be provided with the opportunity to become individually acquainted with the system how banking operations are done. Fortunately, he appreciated my skills and we made friends with him.
I have well-developed analytical and mathematical skills and I want to make use of these skills to the greatest extent. All this gives me the motivation to apply to the Erasmus Mundus MEDEG scholarship program. This background has assisted in identifying academic interests that I would like to pursue and I am sure that the program will give me a leading edge to work effectively in diverse teams and situations.