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    What is the following statement:

    "When it comes down to it all that ability and craft tapers like a signal flare"

    Is it an rhetorical simile or hyperbole, a metaphorical analogy?

    Is poor or good in your opinion?

    How does one actually determine what a good metaphor is when there seems to be so many nomenclatures they can be assigned under?
    Does subjectivity and taste play a big part in your opinion or are there distinct rules one must follow.

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    Re: metaphors

    I'd say it was a simile, as an explicit comparison is made between two essentially dissimilar things. Personally, I don't think it works well. I'm not totally sure what it means as, to me, 'tapers' is ambiguous.

    Subjectivity and taste plays a huge part. Creating good, original figures of speech is an art. A lot depends on whether the writer is trying to provoke laughter, a wry smile, emotional empathy, and so on.

    'My love is like a red, red rose' or
    'My love is like a waterlogged boot'

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    Re: metaphors

    Interesting, thanks.

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