A country of Small Laws

Singapore for me as a country raises appreciation and admiration. Nevertheless, I promised not to visit it because of personal experience. Almost 9 years ago, I tried to visit it through the bridge that is connecting it to south Malaysia. Before leaving my country I arranged all my bookings, and studied the trip well, reserved a nice apartment through the internet.
However, while it is possible to enter Malaysia with no Visa or complex procedures, Singapore became fortified closed castle to many of my nationality. While I knew you need to take a Visa before travel, I later discovered that the issue is larger and designed to complicate the matter for any tourists wishing to travel to Singapore. For example, in addition to the complicated visa requirements, you must get either an official invitation or sponsor from known person in the country. You must also travel back and forth on Singapore airline and stay at a hotel of their choice. These requests made me to rise complain to the visa official. Although I told him about my earlier registration on another Airline and I am going to enter Singapore through ground transportation besides apartment booking which is cheaper than any hotel they suggest, he calmly answered me “I am sorry, these are the requests”! .. At that time, my blood boiled in me vein and I said “It is easier to visit North Pole” and I canceled my trip idea to travel there (as it seems I am going to cancel my trip idea to travel to other countries for the same reasons!!!)

But on the other hand, Singapore raises the admiration in many and different ways in addition to the spectacular and rapid economic growth characterized by brave government rules and unprecedented national campaigns.
Singapore for example is the only country that has a law criminalizing the proliferation of mosquitoes in homes and public facilities. And for the fear of return of the epidemic diseases that were spread in the island, the country employed specialized inspectors to look for hotbeds in bathrooms, under sinks and basins and in the flowerbeds and to impose high fines on the houses of violations. Singapore also bans hanging clothes over balconies and rooftops and washing cars in the streets. And in order to maintain its reputations as the cleanest country in the world, they own a law criminalizing spitting and chewing gum anywhere in the street. They also arrange an annual competition for the best public bathroom.

Singapore is also known for its unique and unfamiliar public campaigns. They have carried out a campaign to improve the level of English speaking “Notice: Improving and not learning”, a campaign to teach taxi drivers “the arts of etiquette and communication”. They also performed a campaign for Romance after it became apparent that many young people are reluctant for the idea of marriage and that many studies have shown that Singapore people are the least people to have sex.

This is why I admire this country regardless of the difficulty of getting a Visa.

I appreciate any input and comments.