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    challenged by the students


    As we are studying cover letter and resume (CV) writing, I gave my students a home assignment in which I asked them to compose a cover letter using sampl ones. They challenged me to write one.
    Here it is, but I am not sure about a couple of points:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to express my strong interest in the position of English teacher at … recently advertised in (a newspaper or magazine)/on (a website). With the enclosed resume, I would like to make you aware of my background as an articulate communicator and enthusiastic teacher whose exceptional skills in classroom instruction have been proven.
    As you will see from my resume, I hold a Diploma of Higher Education with a qualification of teacher of the English and German languages and have been a tenured faculty member with Donetsk National Technical University since 2007.
    As a senior university instructor, I planned and implemented (I think HAVE PLANNED and HAVE IMPLEMENTED are better) programmes in Language Awareness, Translation from Ukrainian/Russian into English and computer learning in the classroom. I successfully (again, I think HAVE INTEGRATED sounds better) integrated class management systems on (just do not know how to explain that I use a ready-made LMS on the site) into everyday classroom activities. Also, I created ( HAVE CREATED) a series of educational cartoons based on English idioms and phrasal verbs at I am a heavy user of interactive writeboards which help me to encourage collaboration among students.
    If you can use an articulate communicator and skilled educator, I hope you will get in touch with me soon to suggest a time when we might meet to discuss your needs and goals and how my background might serve them. I can provide references at appropriate time.
    Sincerely ,

    Sergei Polovin
    senior university instructor

    Thank you very much in advance

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    Re: challenged by the students

    I didn't notice any mistakes at all until the last sentence (and that might be just a slip). You should have written:

    "at THE appropriate time"
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