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    Question A verb for a "free society"...

    What is the right verb for "a free society"? (Achieve, reach, arrive at, gain, etc.?)

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: A verb for a "free society"...

    Do you mean: What sort of verb is appropriate in a context like:

    "One day we hope to_______ a free society."?

    If so, I don't think any of the verbs you suggest really fits. (Although if you used "attain" your meaning would certainly come across clearly.)

    It's a problem of collocation I suppose: we don't generally use "a free society" as the object of a "goal-seeking" verb like the ones you suggest.

    What about: "One day we hope to live in a free society."?

    Or, if you want to stress the idea of working toward or fighting for such a society you could say:

    "One day we hope to build a free society," or even, "One day we hope to have finished the job of building a free society."

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