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    Question analogical or analogous

    I was just wondering which adjective to use if I want to say that something is based on an analogy -analogical or analogous?
    Some dictionaries don't even have an entry for "analogical" but only "analogous". Does this mean that the latter form is the correct one, or can both be used?
    Which one is more common?


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    Re: analogical or analogous

    analogous comes from the Greek adjective analogos (proportionate) and it's usually followed by 'to', whereas analogical comes from the Greek noun analogia (proportion). It's noun form is analogy.

    Ex: Analogical device.
    EX: Analogous to . . .

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    Arrow Re: analogical or analogous

    Its analogous meaning 'similar to'

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    Arrow analogous

    may i know the phrasal equivalent for it

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    Re: analogical or analogous

    Depending on exact context: "corresponding to" something;"similar to" something;"comparable to" something.

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    Question context for analogous

    One example for the context where the word 'analogous' is used is: "My assignment is analogous to yours." Can you give the phrasal equivalent in this context.


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