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    Smile transitive and intransitive

    how to tell if intransitive or transitive?

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    Re: transitive and intransitive

    Quote Originally Posted by spirtmunglar View Post
    how to tell if intransitive or transitive?



    I think that most books tell us that a transitive verb

    has an object (a something):

    I eat vegetables.

    But if you just say "I eat," there is no object, so they would call

    "eat" in that sentence an intransitive (not transitive) verb.

    Read the following sentence. Is "eat" transitive or intransitive:

    I eat every day.

    You are correct. It is intransitive because there is no object.

    There is no "something" that I eat. (Of course, "every day" is

    not an object. It just tells you when I eat.)

    Please identify the following as either transitive or intransitive verbs:

    1. I bought a suit . ____

    2. She lived many years. ____

    3. She lived a good life. ____

    4. The sun shone brightly yesterday. ____

    5. Please shine your shoes right now!!! ____

    6. Tom cooked breakfast. ____

    7. Tom was cooking when the phone rang. ___


    (1) transitive (object is "suit"). (2) intransitive (no object).
    (3) transitive (object is "a good life") (4) intransitive (no object).
    (5)transitive (object is "your shoes"). (6)transitive (object is
    "breakfast"). (7) intransitive (no object).

    If you have any questions, just post them here. The excellent teachers

    will answer you, and sometimes non-teachers (like me) will also answer

    if we think that our answers are accurate.

    Thank you

    P. S. I wish to credit The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar for some

    of this information.

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