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    to say nothing of/ not to mention

    Dear teachers,

    Would you tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expression in bold in the following sentences?

    Not all of the aircraft are suitable for high-speed flight to say nothing of helicopters.

    Photography has become an effective tool in the study of meteors to say nothing of radar.

    One of the advantages of radar techniques in studying the upper layers of the atmosphere from meteor data is the speed with which they are obtained, to say nothing of the possibility of conducting observations in the day-time and bad weather.

    Jupiter has 12 moons, Saturn nine, Uranus five, and Neptune and Mars have two each. The Earth has one natural Moon, not to mention the artificial ones.

    The use of stratosphere rockets, not to mention artificial Earth satellites, presents a most promising method for the study of the upper layers of the atmosphere.

    to say nothing of = not to mention = in addition to, besides what's already been said

    Thanks for your efforts.



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    Re: to say nothing of/ not to mention

    Yes. :)

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