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    common mistakes in syntax when learning foreign languages

    My question is: Does anyone have information on common mistakes that are made when a native spanish speaker is learning english? I am doing a project and I am having a hard time finding any concrete information

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    Try the following link:

    This site is dedicated to the most common errors found among speakers of Spanish who are learning English. It is not meant to be a complete grammar but mainly aimed at helping Spanish speaking students to avoid making these common mistakes. The site may also help English teachers who are planning to work in Latin America. The following points will be discussed:

    -False Cognates
    -Confusing Words
    -Invented Words
    -Perfect Tenses
    -This/ These
    -Adjectives vs adverbs
    -Omission of Subject
    -Other/ Another/ Others
    -Comparative Forms
    -Phrasal Verbs/ Prepositions
    -Frequently Misspelled Words
    -List of Irregular Verbs

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    Thanks for the site- I have added it to our site database.

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