Hey everyone,
can somebody please check if this doesnt sound weird in English?
You dont have to correct it, just underline or tell me what doesnt make sence or something is missing. There is that text :

Spaniards need 3.5 countries to satisfy their consumption of natural resources.
The Earth is not sufficient to satisfy unstoppable consuption of resources. If the pace of current lifestyle is maintained, we will need two planets in 2030 and three in 2050, in order to meet the need of the population.
In the world, countries with higher ecological footprint are Arab Emirates, Denmark, Belgium and USA. Spain occupies the position number 19.
We would need 3,5 Spains, in the case of our country, to satisfy the demand for natural resources and to absorb CO2 emissions. We are talking about the comprehensive "check up" which an ecological organization subjects to our planet every two years. The report measures the requirements of the population for the Earth's natural resources and analyses the situation of the world's species. The results of this revision are alarming; The health of ecosystems has declined by 30 % and the global ecological footprint has doubled between 1961 and 2007. "It is a catastrophic scene". The aim of this report is to raise awareness of the present situation and to be familiar with causes which have led us to this. And more to be able to fight them.
This evidence also highlights to what extent has been touched the regenerative capacity of the Earth. 1.5 years are needed to recover the used resources and to absorb the CO2 emitted in 2007. The situation is expected to be worse with the increase of the population and with the effects of climate change.

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