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    Cross Word Puzzle

    Dear Teachers,
    I have tried the following puzzle and my answers are in the brackets.I need your help to give me the correct answers if my answers are not appropriate .

    1. It makes sense to tackle the day's..........(hardest)job while one is still fresh.
    My answer is ' hardest'. I have another word in mind- 'earnest'.

    2. Someone who is .........( fatly) rewarded for his efforts should feel satisfied.

    My answer is : 'fatly' . But I have another word in mind-' fully'.

    3. Pessimists are people habitually ready to .........( bear ) the worst.

    My answer is : 'bear'. My another option is : 'fear'.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Cross Word Puzzle

    1- 'Hardest' is fine, but a job can't be 'earnest', a person can.
    2- 'Greatly? this makes more sense than 'fatly'. 'Fully' might work.
    3 I'd use 'fear', not 'bear'

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