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    I am looking for ur highly appreciated help with my motivation letter for an MSc prgm

    Dear Sir/Madam, My greetings,
    I am writing to express my strong interest in applying for the Master's Degree Program in Medical Neuroscience starting in xxxx
    My real interest in neuroscience has its roots back to my early nineties; since I was a sleepwalker! at high school age when the thing I wanted to understand most was how my own mind worked, How it could be for my brain to optimally control my walking at sleep without me even being aware of it, together with some others, Those were some of my early curiosities that sparked my interest in neuroscience and neurobiology. Now those initial curiosities of mine have grown into a passion which has convinced me that only by developing myself into a neuroscientist will it be possible for me to explore the underlying mysteries behind those questions.
    Driven by my interest, I have used to attend some of the academic activities, like weekly seminar and journal clubs which were largely open to students, I participated in a study which was made at xyz hospital/ Baghdad, It was devoted to study the possible effects of the process Chinese acupuncture on the brain by demonstration any possible changes in its activity might the EEG read upon the expected brain response. This kind of study was the first one has been done in WHOLE mid-east at that time as I have been told by the supervisors on that study which has really inspired me.
    I am confident that my academic background and my working experience enable me to make a contribution to your University, my confidence comes not from nothing; My nine painstaking years journey including its medical 6 academic and 3 practical years allowed me to explore every corner of the different medical branches, I have received my stringent high education, basic and clinical medical science, from the best University in my country and my excellent graduation rank enabled me to be employed to do my internship in the best medical center in Iraq maybe the whole middle East even, xxx. During my study and practice, I showed a great interest in neuroscience and being pushed by my interest, I have chosen to spend a longer time in neurological unit than usual during my rotation between the different medical branches. How not to show this interest and I have seen Myasthenia Gravis and epileptic patients both in crisis and after receiving the necessary medics, I could have only marveled at their essential role in saving lives, and the immense increase in the quality of life experienced by these individuals, thanks to modern neuropharmacology. I do believe that neuroscience research provides very real benefits, not just for the sake of scientific knowledge, but also for enhancing the day-to-day experience of the greater world population.
    After I complete my Master Degree and get specialized in Neuroscience, I would like to start my PhD preferably in xxxx(country), It will be my way to a more advanced study. I dream to subspecialize in the field of neuroscience that focuses on the strategies and techniques for promoting regeneration of the damaged nerve cells from priming of embryonic stem cells to become neuronal progenitor cells that could be used in the treatment of patients with brain/ spinal cord trauma or diseases to even more advanced techniques such the role of neuro-nanotechnology in this field. Thus, these studies address a novel approach to the treatment of neural diseases by providing pathways to enhance brain/spinal cord repair even after the injury has occurred.
    Outside of academics, my activities continue to reflect a general psychological interest in the form of reading, I enjoy reading in books talk about Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and it's applications, I also attended few lectures voluntarily at Baghdad University that revolved around NLP.
    Socially, I have done a lot of voluntary work in my local community. I am a member in "Charity Al-xxx To Woman and Orphan" which is a non Governmental Organization (NGO) concerned with the welfare of women and orphans especially those who are to dead dads from the civil conflicts, I participate by my medical experience with other doctors in free checking/treatment of those families, I am working in a small side clinic related to the charity office in my area two days a week, it's totally free. It has showed me my ability to establish trusting relationships quickly and has also proved that I can successfully interact with a diverse range of people.
    One of my most rewarding experiences is being (still) tutoring medical students in pathology lab. at vvv University/college of medicine, as I have got a permanent job there, this job is offered by the college only to the outstanding graduates of it. I am able to develop a good rapport with students, I believe I possess a talent for teaching others in a friendly manner and in a manner that helps them to grasp difficult concepts easily.
    In this regards, I deemed my proposed study as a very meaningful part of my career pursuit and for this, I hope my request to join your prestigious program will be considered favorable.
    Thank you for considering my application.
    Yours sincerely,
    M J

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    Re: I am looking for ur highly appreciated help with my motivation letter for an MSc

    Is this meant to be a question, or just a poll on how good your English is?

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    Re: I am looking for ur highly appreciated help with my motivation letter for an MSc

    Quote Originally Posted by TOFY83 View Post
    My real interest in neuroscience has its roots back to my early nineties; since I was a sleepwalker!
    Your interest in neuroscience has started after you hit 90 years old?

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    Re: I am looking for ur highly appreciated help with my motivation letter for an MSc


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    Re: I am looking for ur highly appreciated help with my motivation letter for an MSc

    although I cleared it by the next to it, phrase; since I ......high school age but it still does not fit, I think I have to erase word MY....thnx

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