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    as nice and quiet as good

    Dear teachers...

    Could you explain the meaning, if there's any, of this sentence?

    It was as nice and quiet as good.

    Many thanks

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    Re: as nice and quiet as good

    (I)n informal speech, there is a special use of some commendatory
    adjectives as first conjoin of a coordination by and. The most common
    adjective of this type is 'nice'

    This room is nice and warm -- 'warm to just the right degree'
    The semantic role of the first adjective is more like that of an intensifier than
    that of an adjective, hence this, too, may be regarded as pseudo-coordination.
    Some speakers (esp in AmE) use good in the same way:
    The road is good and long.
    even where the adjectival form following and is used as an adverb:
    I hit him good and hard. She drove good and fast.
    In attributive rather than predicative function, adjectives of the kind just illustrated commonly occur without and:
    It's a lovely warm day. He made a nice short speech. It was a good long way
    to the corner.
    Quirk et. al., 1985

    It was as [nice and quiet] as [good].
    It was as [nice] and [quiet] as [good].

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