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    Hi there,

    Would you plz be kind to help me with the underlinded parts?
    THank you.

    "I graduated with honors from the university with a degree in English, but what skills did I have, honestly? I could outread anyone in a quick draw? I could write a totally smoking analytical essay about the homoerotic overtones of Shakespeare's sonnets?"

    What does the two underlined parts respectively mean in the aboved paragraph?

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: outread/smoking

    What do the two underlined parts mean in the above paragraph?

    outread anyone in a quick draw: Read faster than anyone else. "Quick draw" refers to the "wild west", where people would try to draw (take out) and shoot their gun very quickly. It is humorous because it connects reading fast with a wild-west shoot out.

    totally smoking: Very good, impressive. It is humorous because “smoking” as a slang word meaning "impressive/great" would usually be used to describe a beautiful woman, a fast car or a well-played guitar solo and not an essay about Shakespeare.

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