I've juts finished work on my first game, and I would be glad if someone could check some phrases and a little poem, which is an introduction to it.

Here is a little bit epic opus, and please feel free to correct it any way.

Ancient Puzzle you will find,
Ice and snow will catch your mind.
Solving hides under the frost,
Could be found, could be lost...
Keep mind clear, don't close eyes.
Some will sink but some will rise.
Solve conundrum in your hands!
Ever started - never ends...
Doesn't it look little bit simple?
Here's a small video of this game, if it helps:

And another part is some phrases and sentences from game description.
This task is not so creative, but I'll also will be grateful for checking:

You have discovered all available Stages for now.
Have fun playing the "Duel" mode with your friends!
New level-packs and additional game modes coming soon!
Suricatum team thanks You for playing "Frozen Equilibrium".

Duel is a tournament game mode for You and your friends!
Duel consists of two logical stages.
At first You create puzzles for each other. And then you need to solve the puzzle created by your opponent.
The fastest will be the winner!
Follow the instructions and enjoy!
Strongly recommended to get some practice with single player mode before playing Duel.

Sometimes it could be useful to undo all your turns and start over
Most levels have especial symmetry, try to use it
Sometimes the most obvious turn is not the best choice
Be attentive and use logic instead of rash tapping
Pay special attention to highest and deepest blocks
Try to use different strategies to solve puzzle
Set your screen brightness to 75% or more for best game experience
Try to find pattern of the Rule among the blocks
You can get awards for solving puzzles without using "Undo"
Very important to understand how the Rule works
You can find some help in pause menu. Use it if you totally stuck.

Here is your game field with blocks!
At the beginning all blocks were placed at zero-level, but...
The Balance has been disturbed!
Return all blocks back to zero-level to restore the Balance!
Find the right blocks and press them!
When you press any block it goes one step down, but some neighbour blocks lift up according with the Rule.
The number of taps is always limited.
But You can undo all your turns anytime.
You can't push a block lower than level "-4" and lift higher the level "4".

Mr. Pinky can undo all the wrong turns you did. Do you really need his help?
Mr. Pinky thinks you should make at least one turn!
Mr. Pinky thinks everything is OK!
Thanks a lot and kind regards.
And sorry for my English :)