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    Re: I have to....

    'I'll be late for work tomorrow. I have to go to the dentist'.

    Is this present perfect or present continuous?
    And why?


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    Re: smac

    Have in this case, when used with the infinitival to, (with or without a main verb) means to be required, compelled, or under obligation to do something. The present perfect tense is a combination of have and a participle.

    I have gone to the dentist.
    I have seen his drills and needles.

    The present perfect progressive tense is:

    I have been going to the same dentist for five years.
    I have been sitting in his waiting room for the past six years.
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    Re: smac

    Thank you for your reply. But I still don't know what the tense of the sentence is; Is it, present simple then.

    Thank you again

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