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    what do they mean? "impeccably attired" "painfully obvious" "perfectly plain"

    Dear teachers,
    I did a collocation exercise today. and the following is the answer.
    impeccably attired
    painfully obvious
    perfectly plain
    now look at the first, attired, does it mean clothes, is its meaning well-dressed?
    painfully obvious, what's the meaning painfully? can you give me a sentence to illustrate its meaning?
    perfectly plain, what's the meaning of plain? please give me example sentence.

    thanks a lot,

    by the way,
    please look at the following sentences:
    1, In what country was he born?
    2, What country was he born in?
    these two sentences, which one is formal? which one is informal? why?

    thank you again.

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    Re: what do they mean? "impeccably attired" "painfully obvious" "perfectly plain"

    impeccably attired...very well dressed

    painfully obvious that it would cause pain if it could

    perfectly plain...completely unadorned, not fancy in any way

    It is less formal to end a sentence with a preposition (like in).


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