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    which one is odd?

    Dear teachers, i am busy these days, so these several days i have more questions. please forgive me and help me, thanks

    implications, survey, question, reply,
    among the four, which one is odd?
    i chose implications, i don't think we can say far-reaching implications, am i right?
    a joint, a pencil, a statue, an initial
    i chose an initial, i don't think we can carve "an initial" , am i right?

    by the way, what's the difference of travel, trip and journey?
    thanks a lot

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    Re: which one is odd?

    far-reaching implications
    carve an initial

    "travel" is an umbrella term for trip and journey. "trip" refers to a long or short excursion, one that's usually quick and easy, whereas "journey" refers to a longer, slower period.


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