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    Understanding live English

    I am Spanish. I am transcribing the dialogues of a U.S. film of the 60's that was not not commercially released in Spain. Afterwards I will make the translation into my language and I will elaborate the corresponding subtitles. It's not business but hobby.

    Hearing the soundtrack I found three sentences that I can't understand. I have recorded them in a mp3 file that lasts around 13 seconds. I would be very grateful if one of the teachers could transcribe what they are saying.

    I can send you the mp3 file by email if you can't download the attachment.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Understanding live English

    Fairly sure I am correct, apart from two/too:

    It is.

    (oh) Technically we're conspiring for you two*.

    This is a floribunda rose, the type that bloom in clusters.

    Ready whenever you are.

    They're planting.
    The way he says this sentence makes think "two" is more likely but "too" is possible. The context of the film should tell you. Pretty sure "they're" is not "their" but again there is a possibility.

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