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    It is only worth watching movies that can teach us something about real life.

    Topic: It is only worth watching movies that can teach us something about real life.

    I'm a comedy buff. Shows like Friends, the big bang theory are some of my favorites. I watch them in my leisure time after work. It makes me relax and loose all tension caused by all day long activities. So when I heard someone say that it is only worth to see films which teach about real life, I hardly believe so.

    Admittedly, educational movies teach us a lot. We can learn what's going on in the world through the big screen. Historical movie, such as Gone with wind, could teach us about the political environment in America. We can use the information from film to write a historical essay when needed. In addition, some serious movies discuss about environment issues, like Cove, Shake Water. Through these films, we will have opportunity to observe how the international organization works, and learn how complicated environment issues are.

    However, other entertaining movies are also worth to watch. According to some research, watching funny videos or comedy can lower human's blood pressure. The films make people laugh and relax. They help citizens forget the annoyances of the world. Besides, the mental and physical tests indicated that the people who experienced less stress will display greater cognitive flexibility. Therefore, people should utilize entertaining shows to wind down after a stressful day at work and commute.

    In addition to the relaxation issue, public can also use action movie to fight depression. Many experts believe that seeing exciting action films will get all human’s brain cells recharged with energy. Combining action movies with a little exercise on regular basis, people could eliminate negative energy levels, mood disorders and anger. So, people who suffer early depression should replace medicines which can trigger side effects with action movies.

    To sum up, not only educational films are useful, but other entertaining films are also worthy of attention. Comedy creates pleasure moment for us. Action movie could be used as a new alternative treatment for people who suffer from anxiety disorders. For those feeling pressed, why not trying this easy and funny solution.
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