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    My thoughts

    We discussed not long ago whether America was to blame for the world's obesity in my first language, and I decided to write something about it in English. Well, what I've written is just a post, so I tried to make it look a bit independent. I mean I didn't try to write a formal essay.

    "One member decided to carry out a poll to find out what others thought about the matter/to get other people's opinions.
    I don't think we can say it's America's fault. If the USA hadn't originated fast food restaurants someone else would have done it. When this type of food was only beginning to appear, it was absolutely clear that there was a desperate need for something like this. The life was changing very rapidly: it was getting faster and faster; most people just didn't have enough time to eat properly - that's, to eat healthily. Now that many are worried by obesity we often speak about how bad this type of food is. People have even inventend a new expression for this food - junk food.
    In my opinion, nothing can now stop people from going to fast food restaurants.
    Though you can always choose where to eat. Even if you don't have enough time or/and money you can almost always find a place that suits you just fine."

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    Re: My thoughts

    We find time to do everything - why not find time to cook and eat proper food?

    It seems to me the reason is we do not know how to set our priorities. We just go with the flow. Being different is seen as being strange. Were are we going, so fast, anyway. We only have one life and if killing ourselves with junk food is what it has come to ... well, we ought to have a rethink and make new choices.

    We have new technology that makes life easier yet we do not reap the gains - free time is spent working so what have we achieved with technology - surely this is not a better way of life?

    We have lost perspective in our lives in general. We have no time to think, no time to talk, no time to eat, no time for children, no time for each other, no time for exercise. What kind of life have we made for ourselves. No wonder we are bored.

    The challenge is to have a rethink and be different - well actually we ought to be just ourselves.

    And all this thanks to fast food! You gave me the opportunity to share - thanks!

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    Re: My thoughts

    Where are you from? Your post is quite interesting.

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    Re: My thoughts

    Just adding a few things, fast food / junk food industry would've never taken off the ground if not for the invention of trans fat, syntetically-modified solid vegetable oil. And I attribute many of our father and grandfather generation's health problems to trans fat, because it was invented somewhere in 50's and used in virtually every food on shelf.

    If one good thing came out of it, it's that people are now more aware and care about their own health, due to the enormous harm done by fast / junk food.

    Who knows what the food industry will come up with next, now that people are more health-conscious. Maybe we're in a treat for an all-inclusive, meal-replacement nutrition PILLS, for those pressed for time. I just hope noone's that much... desparate.

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    Re: My thoughts

    I am from Malta, an island in the mediterranean. We are, as you probably know members of the European Union as of the 1st May 2005.

    If you have never been for a visit here you surely must come and enjoy our hospitality, weather, friendly people and on-the-whole relaxed way of living.
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    Re: My thoughts

    Who knows what the food industry will come up with next, now that people are more health-conscious.
    Exactly! But I don't think it will be destoyed by the fact that people are much more aware now. They're making so much money through their fast food restaurants, they're highly unlikely to cease to exist in the near future.

    I've never been to Malta before. I'd like to visit this wonderful island one day. My sister went to Malta some 6 years ago and she enjoyed her stay tremendously!

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