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    What Is It Like to Be

    Dear teachers,

    what should I tell the person when he / she asks a question like this:
    What Is It Like to Be a Bat?
    What Is It Like to Be a baby?

    Does he / she want to know what I think about a Bat or Baby?



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    Re: What Is It Like to Be

    No. You have to imagine that you actually are a bat or a baby.

    For example,

    Q. 'What is it like to be a dog?

    A. 'It's wonderful! I get good, regular chow every day, plus scraps from my master's table. I have a daily run and try to catch rabbits and squirrels - without much success I have to confess.

    My cosy bed in the corner is well-supplied with toys, like my rubber bone and squeaky ball. You should hear me bark like crazy whenever the doorbell rings! I rush to greet guests and jump up with sloppy licks around their faces before inquisitively sniffing their crotches until my boss shouts 'BUGGER OFF, YOU STUPID FLEABAG!'

    There are downsides to my life, to be frank. The weekly bath, for instance. . .I hate that. And don't ask me about that time he took me to the vet's and I came back without some bits. . .I SAID DON'T ASK!
    Now you try, kwfine.

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