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    To Munch

    You made the transcription of the mp3 file that I sent you two days ago.

    You wrote:

    Howee! Why must you gentlemen conform, hmm? Why not turn to these peasants, look them in the eye and say "The hell with conformity!" ...

    I posted yesterday in this forum a question about the meaning of "Howee" and nobody knew. So, as you are the author of the transciption, I beg your help again. Is it a colloquial expression? What does it mean in this context?

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    Re: To Munch

    Actually, I meant to write "Howie" but that doesn't help much.

    I was not sure at the time - if "Howie" is correct, it is a man's name, short for Howard. But it could just be a noise showing emotion, like "Ooo-ee" or "Ahhhhh". It is hard to say without more context.


    Listening again I am even less sure. It could be a noise like "Now-a-way" but I can't even tell where the edits are in the sound file.

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