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    How do movies and television influence people's behaviour ?

    Can You please check it as soon as possible ?

    Nowadays, Television has become popular with many undeniable advantages. With a TV, you can easily gain extensive knowledge in all areas. If you want to get some information about anything around the world, just turn on your TV and open any channel. Also, if you are a student and you want to be well-prepared for the coming entrance exam to university, pick up the remote control and switch to educational channel
    Furthermore, through programs on TV, people can learn many practical skills to communicate with each other. The TV programs often stimulate cases happening in all aspects of real life. Therefore, people can draw their own lessons from those cases. For example, from movies shown on TV, people could come to know how to behave in certain cases then, apply that in their real lives to solve their own issues. Also, TV brings a huge source of entertainment, making people's lives more enjoyable. After a long working-day, tired from all the stuff you've done, you only need to stay at home lying on the sofa to enjoy interesting films of all kinds, from action, horror, to romantic films and so on. This helps you fell at ease and escape your tensions. In general, TV has clearly become an essential part in human life
    On the other hand, TV brings with it serious problems. Watching TV could lead to a number of health issues. For example, in well developed countries where TV is popular, many children acquire obesity because of watching television too much without exercises. As a consequence, it leads to laziness and health deterioration. In addition, not only could TV harm people physically but it could impact on people mentally in main cases. More and more violent behavior is shown on TV today. As a result, they became persistent obsessions in people's minds and generally lead them to violence in real life. Especially young people's fledging brains are vulnerable to these stimuli. Many young criminals are found to commit crimes due to the fact that they simply imitate what they have seen on the screen. In short, if ignored, the impact of the TV would result in durable and painful problems in society
    At the end, like a double-edged knife TV brings us both advantages and disadvantages, what people need to do is make use of its positive things and to hinder things.

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    Thumbs down Re: How do movies and television influence people's behaviour ?

    I was looking up essays to get pointers, I guess you could say for an essay I'm writing on how television influences people. There is an TOEFL essay that is almost identical to this one...

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    Re: How do movies and television influence people's behaviour ?


    As said in the previous reply, the english is good. But the stand is not at all clear. You need to take a clear stand. I can give you 6.5 however.

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