Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to express my interest in applying for the master degree programme in Human Computer Interaction in autumn 2011.
I have a bachelor degree in Industrial Design and a Specialization in Electronic Commerce.
As a student I always have had a great performance and I am always willing to learn new things, especially those ones which represent a challenge for me. On the other hand, I have a broad experience designing for interactive environments and always related with technology

I am very interested in the usability of information technology systems and how they are improved through the tools and practices given in this master degree. The reason for choosing this master programme comes from its great prospective. I would like delve deeper in topics such as User interface design, usability and Ubiquitous computing. I have many ideas about these topics. But, unfortunately until now I did not have the right knowledge and tools to putting them in practice and this is why I know this programme would be a perfect starting point for me. Furthermore, the international environment provided for the university will give me the privilege to meet new people with different points of view that it would be very enriching experience for me.

I am very conscious about the level of dedication and perseverance required to achieve the best result. I truly believe that I can reach this master degree giving the best performance. My background and experience can give me the necessary to qualify for this master programme.

Finally I can say that I look forward to join this Master Degree Programme in Human Computer Interaction in order to prove my abilities and gain new skills and I will be patiently waiting for a positive reply.

Thanks for your help!