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    need you help teach:)..thank u

    hii please i want your help inparaphrasing this paragraph..thank u

    Today, more than ever, drugs affect our daily lives. It is difficult to pick up a newspaper or to watch television without finding a report or program that concerns drug use or some issue associated with it.
    In your personal life, you have had to confront the reality of drugs around you. You have probably been taught the risks involved in drug use, and very likely you have had to contend with pressure to share a drug experience with friends or the possibility of drugs being sold to you.
    Whether we like it or not, the decision to use drugs of all types and forms has become one of life’s choices in communities around the world.
    It is not just a “”young person’s problem” but one that encompasses every segment of our society. The availability of drugs and the potential for drug abuse present a challenge for people of all ages, from the young to the elderly.
    The personal and social problems associated with drugs extend in one way or another to both men and women and to people of all ethnic groups and socioeconomic levels.(Levinthal, year, 2)
    People use drugs in order to fulfill a need or to escape some of the pressures of daily life.
    Any substance that enters the human body and can change either the function or the structure of the human organism is a drug.

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    Re: need you help teach:)..thank u

    We don't do assignments for people- you should paraphrase it and people might make suggestions of ways to improve it.

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