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    1) Were screwed

    2) Turn sb on => is it all about sexual desire

    3) What a rat

    4) Get a grip

    5) Grunge down

    6) Drab up

    7) Bopping around

    8) By what stretch of the imagination

    9) Twit => is it common in AmE?

    10) Ill give up a little if the other person gives up a little

    11) You keep all that bottled up

    12) Bring up => in AmE does it mean to braf?

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    Re: meaning

    1- messed up, in trouble
    2- not always, it can mean to introduce someone to something new or to get them to like it
    3- untrustworthy person
    4- control yourself
    7- dancing or moving around from place to place
    8- difficult to understand or believe what has just been said
    10- tactic in negaotiation- meeting someone midway
    11- don't express your feelings so they turn nasty inside you
    12- yes

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