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    a bona-fide all-sash offer

    "Time Warner said the pill,known formally as a shareholder rights plan, would not preclude a bona-fide all-cash offer for the company which treayed all shareholders equally." What's "a bona-fide all-cash offer?

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    Re: a bona-fide all-sash offer

    I'm not sure what 'bona fide' is doing there; it may have a special meaning in the field of corporate finance. It means 'in good faith' (that is, sincere/trustworthy/honest/well-intentioned). It is a Latin phrase, but normally pronounced in Br English /'bǝʊnǝ 'faɪdi:/.

    'All-cash' in this context doesn't necessarily mean 'made up of only coins and notes'; it means that the offer is for a specific amount of money (and doesn't include, for example, an exchange of stocks).


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