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Thread: Rundown ?

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    Rundown ?

    I have heard from one source ( not fully trusted one to be honest) that the word RUNDOWN means among others: an information. As in the following example: My friend did not come to school, so I called him to get a rundown what caused that.

    Could you confirm that?

    p.s. if I made any mistake in this post ( a grammar one e.g.) I'd be grateful if you can point it out ;)

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    Re: Rundown ?

    Yes. "Rundown" can refer to a very quick summary of information relayed to a person or group. For example, if a teacher is taking a break and a substitute comes in to take over the class during that time, the substitute might ask "What is your lesson plan? Are there any particular students that are trouble-makers? Give me a quick rundown."

    Another example: There is a situation where a lone bank robber is holding a group of people hostage inside the bank. He is armed with a gun and makes his demands known to the local police department that has responded and is stationed outside the bank. When the S.W.A.T. team arrives, the team leader will ask the local police for a "rundown." The police officer will provide him with the relevant information: "There is one gunman inside, he has eight hostages, there is one entrance in the front of the building and an emergency exit in the back."

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