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Thread: Platable

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    'Platable' is closer to meaning 'tasty' or 'eatable'?

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    Re: Platable

    Palatable (not platable) is closer to edible than 'tasty'.

    I thought "eatable" was not a word, but it is in dictionaries. I still think "edible" is better than "eatable" however.

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    Re: Platable

    Sometimes when we have a Romance/Germanic pair we can see such differences in meaning as:

    Illegible cannot be read because of the bad handwriting/size/etc.
    Unreadable cannot be read because it is too boring/difficult/etc

    If something is inedible, it cannot be eaten, possibly because it is poisonous. If something is uneatable, its taste is very unpleasant. The difference has become blurred in modern English. We still use only (in)edible when we are talking about whether something can be safely digested, but some people also use it as a synonym for (un)eatable.

    Some pairs, such as (in)credible and (un)believable, are practically synonyms.


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