Some people think that universities should not provide so much theoretical
knowledge but give more practical training throughout their courses.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Throughout our course of education since young, we have been taught theoretically on our subjects with very limited hands on experience. I would agree that universities should not focus so much on theoretical knowledge taught during lessons but also to provide more practical training during the course of studies. As hands on experience provide us with the necessary knowledge of what we will need when we join the workforce.

Firstly, having practical knowledge through practical training in or outside of the school prepares us for the challenges which lie ahead when we step out of the institute. Without an actual on job experience it places us in a disadvantage, as it requires time to adapt to the new working environment and familiarize with the new people that we will be working with. In addition, actual hands on experience give us a clearer perspective of what the job really will be when we start working after graduating from the institute.

Secondly, Theoretical knowledge we learned in school from lectures and tutorials teaches us the basic requirement and the fundamental understanding on how to operate and function when we start joining our respective working field. Apart from the fact that knowing how the thing works does not necessary mean knowing how to operate them.

In conclusion, theoretical knowledge acts as the fundamental structure of understanding and practical training as an opportunity and platform for us to apply the knowledge that we have learned during theoretical lessons. Only by applying both ways of learning can we better prepare the students for their future job demands when they leave the institute.