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    write,write ,write........... And one day?

    I have come to the conclusion that the best way for me to overcome the problems I have when it comes to written comunication is to just write short essay's, without a thorough proof read myself, and then ask for a teachers advice. Todays short story may help explain my plight.

    I managed to blag my way through English lessons during my Secondary School education as a pupil in a class where I was clearly out of my depth. I don't think that 'one to one' tuition was necessary in my case, but my inability to capture the basics of the English Language has become apparent as I try to grasp the basics at forty three years of age.
    Why have i decided to try and better myself tweny five years later, you may ask? Let me tell you.

    The job I yearn for requires a person who is competent at writing detailed reports and communicating with both employees and customers via email and without the abilty to do these things my prospects are not good, but i am determined to give it my best shot.
    This is not a sob story, but a short essay that could hopefully highlight certain writing paterns that could be improved.

    The support that I am recieving from member on these boards is incredible and for that, I would like to thank you all.

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    Re: write,write ,write........... And one day?

    I'll start:

    essay's - there's no need for the apostrophe here. If you're just making a word plural, don't use an apostrophe. The apostrophe is used to show ownership- that something belongs to someone.

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