Could you take a look pls at the letter one of my students just sent.
She did a good job, but some points should be clarified.

Dear Al,

I'm writing to inform you about the places I've found for us in England to stay in (for us to stay in England).
The first one is The Lion Hotel. I think there are some positive and negative moments in there (some positive and negative moments about it). It's situated in the city centre and it's popular with visitors from overseas. There are all rooms with private facilities ( all the rooms are with private facilities). I think it's positive things (itís good) and it's quite convenient for us. But there is one negative moment. Staying in this central hotel for a week costs £150 per person. I think it's too expensive for us and we should get to know (find out) more about another (other) variants (I am always worried about the use of VARIANT; maybe OPTIONS would be better?). The second option is a room in a family house. I'm sure it's a good way to meet people. There are two single rooms where we'll (can) live and feel comfortable. Moreover, breakfast and evening meal are provided, so we shouldn't cook by ourselves like we had (would have ) to do in a student flat which I'll talk further about. The price is okay, I think, £350 per person per month including heating and laundry. I suppose we can afford it . But we don't know (anything about) the landlady; perhaps she'll be (is) strict. So (In this case we could choose) we can use the third variant (option). A student accomodation (The student flats) includes a living room, a kitchen where we'll have to cook by ourselves as I said before, a bathroom and a bedroom. It's located not far from the city centre, approximately 3 kms, but in comparing (compared with) with The Lion Hotel it's not too near (quite a long way). To rent this flat, we should pay £250 per month. It's cheap enough. Besides, we'll have to do the cleaning by ourselves and it's not convenient. Generalizing all suggestions (to sum up), I like the second one (option) best of all. But I'm not sure about it, I need your advice.
Please read this information and let me know what you liked best of all. Then we should decide where we'll are going to stay in.
Yours, sincerely

Thank you in advance.