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    a good plan

    Dear teachers
    Is this text grammatically OK?

    Before you step ahead, it must be said that you will find the natives very welcoming and kind. The weather is sunny most of the time, perfect for getting a tan over the many beaches there are nearby.Just to name a few, you will hear a lot about 'Ponta Negra', 'Genipabu' and even 'Pipa'. Tons of people go there, it's really happening. Saturday nights are the best. So, cutting to the chase, let us say that it is more convenient to go the beaches during the day and visit pubs, malls and such in the nights.

    Many thanks

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    Re: a good plan

    You get a tan at the beach, not over the beach.

    I am also not sure "convenient" is the right word here. It certainly does not make any sense to try to go to the beach at night and the pubs during the day.

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