I wrote a formal letter for a job application, not a real job application just a assignment for my CAE course, Could you please check if there is any grammar or stylish mistakes? And if there are some, could you correct them, please? Thank you a lot in advance!

Dear Sir

I am writing this letter to apply for the position of school receptionist that I saw advertised in today’s edition of Newsweek.

My qualifications exactly meet your requirements for a receptionist. I am a Mass Communication graduate of Vadsbo University in Sweden and I am presently employed as a receptionist at the Dhalstrom’s office in Manchester. I have held this position for the past three years now.

I am interested in trying out a new field, get away from the business department where I have been working (eller ska de va going?) practically all my life. I am sure that I will prove to be the efficient receptionist that you so urgently need. My school records show that my Communication subjects, both oral and written, stand at an average of B+.

As a receptionist in the office of Dhalstrom’s, I am given the responsibility of meeting customers, book appointments, direct customers to their handler, answer the phone, direct calls and a lot more. These are my regular assignments, which can be very stressful occasionally. These cores have given me the ability to interact with stress admirably. I am contented to say that I have not met any complication or a situation that I could not administer until now.

As you can see from my CV I have also been working at Buy More, there my duties where to help the costumers find the right technological products for them and also to repair computers. So I would not say that I deficient in IT skills.

At the job I have in the time being we use formal English, so I would say that my English is excellent even though I graduated in Sweden. You can also see in my CV that I have a certificate in advanced English.

May I have an interview with you? Please call me at the office between eight and five, Monday through Friday. I can start working in two weeks if you decide to hire me. I believe I can be that receptionist you need.

Sincerely yours,

My name