I have to write a report of my academic exchange in a university of the USA and I still have problems with the grammar and syntax. I hope you can help me correct the report.
Thank you in advance for your help.

During my academic stay in the University XXX I participated in many academic activities to achieve the objectives established in the work plan. Below I presented each of the objectives and the activities develop to achieve them.
In other to achieve my first objective “discuss and contrast the main hypothesis of my doctoral thesis with Professor James XX, as well as with other professor of the University of California” I participated in many academic activities:
a. I attended the Seminar xxx organized by Professor James xx and held individual meetings with him, in which we discussed and contrasted the central features ofmy research. Among other themes, in the seminar sessions and in the meetings the main subjects were: The development of urban citizenship in Brazil, México and other Latin American countries and its differences. The relation between citizenship mobilization and the “right to the city” discourses, further more the contexts and contents of citizenship develop in the actual cities. Finally the importance of rights and participation for the configuration of citizenship.
b. My participation in the seminar aimed to deepen my knowledge about a research that uses ethnographic analysis to study citizenship in other countries, including countries in Latin America. At the same time it gave me the opportunity to get to know other students researches, preoccupations and perspectives related to citizenship and cities.
c. During my stay in the University XX I also met with other faculty professors like Professor XXX from the City & Regional Planning Department to discuss the relation between spatial and symbolic segregation and the development of social exclusion.
d. At the same time I attended many lectures given by the Anthropology Department as well as other faculties. Some of the most important were the lecture “The Enigma of Capital and the Crises of Capitalism” presented by David Harvey; “The answer of local governments to the global economic crisis” by Manuel Perlo; “A Century in the Present Tense: Reflections on the Intellectual History of Informal Cities” by Brodwyn Fischer and The Symposius "1810 ~ 1910 ~ 2010: Mexico's Unfinished Revolutions".

For my second objective “study the most recent academic developments regarding citizenship and social exclusion”:
a. I accessed to the George and Mary Foster Anthropology Library as well as other important library in the University XX.
b. Furthermore, a central part of the bibliography research was held through out the internet databases index of in journals, magazines and newspapers that concentrated the last articles published related to urban citizenship and social exclusion.

Finally the activities mentioned before are the base to complete my third objective “gaining the theoretical and empirical tools to write an article reviewing the most recent perspectives on citizenship studies and social exclusion”. At this point I had writing a general draft developed as part as the research lab organized in the seminar “xxx” that present an analytical approach to the mobilization of citizenship in the peripheries of the Latin American cities. This article will be include in the theoretical frame of my dissertation and will be a central feature for the analysis and review of the empirical cases.

In general during the academic exchange in the University of XXXX I completed successfully the objectives established and generated both conceptual and empirical resources to improve my doctoral investigation and to complete my PhD education.