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    Which sentence is correct

    Hello everybody

    I'm learning English from website and there is this sentence "I'm from Wrocław but now I live in London" on it and I cannot understand why they used Present Simple. I thought that should be "I'm from Wrocław but now I'm living in London". Maybe there is a rule I don't now.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Which sentence is correct

    As it stands, the writer is simply saying that his original home town was Wroclaw, but his current (perceived not to be temporary) home is in London.

    When I first moved to Prague, I would say, "I'm from Hampshire, England, but I'm living in Prague now." After a time this changed to, "I'm from Hampshire in England, but I live in Prague now".

    The only 'rule' is what we intend to say.

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