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    I, Darasani Santosh Kumar wish to pursue my study at your esteemed school. To enable you to assess me, I present this testimony which contemplates my academic background and my goals.

    I grew up in a very competitive environment right through my childhood .I was one among the selected few to gain an admission in 1st standard in one of the most prestigious academic institutions -The Montessori High School. This excellent schooling I received during the formative years of my life spur me to excel at academics. I always had a keen interest in films, my first introduction to the field of films at school, At that times I used to develop various stage characters which gradually brought me recognition in the campus and Inter-college festivals. I also lead our team as a “Head of Cultural Activities and Sports” (just to mention I was the captain of the football team) at our university events. The encouragement and praise I received from teachers and parents alike further strengthened my resolve. This sense of identification propelled my interest towards film making.

    Later in India, at Hyderabad, I enrolled in International Academy of Computer Graphics and successfully finished the program, SAM {Specialization in Advanced Multimedia}.Here I was trained for 3D and composting software’s. During this period I and my team developed 3 short films of which one was nominated in a regional film festival, Madras. But I really depressed about my professional skills which were lacking at that time. Expertise is must or else I will be unable to appeal in this competitive world. These made me more active and drive into many events like “The International animation day “2008 and 2009 of Asia held in Hyderabad, Where I represented our team on the behalf of my college. But still the education provides the required skill and opportunities. So I decided to pursue One year practical filmmaking. I want to learn about the film industry in a comprehensive way, How they are formed from the ground-up and why the brilliant directors like Stephen Spielberg do the things they do, who have achieved the critical and commercial success. For all these I need a place where I can educate myself and I believe ***** school is that place which can provide me the platform to arise and excel in my endeavors. The first thing that attracted me to this institute is its excellent module, And also the location of the school, which is at***** studious.
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