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Thread: grown up

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    grown up

    would like to know why the writer said "You have to understand, my own son is practically grown up."

    As I told you, I’ll be gone until Wednesday morning. Thank you so much for taking on my “children”while
    I’m away. Like real children, they can be kind of irritating sometimes, but I’m going to enjoy myself so much
    more knowing they’re getting some kind human attention. Remember that Regina (the “queen” in Latin, and
    she acts like one) is teething. If you don’t watch her, she’ll chew anything, including her sister, the cat. There
    are plenty of chew toys around the house.Whenever she starts gnawing on anything illegal, just divert her with
    one of those. She generally settles right down to a good hour-long chew. Then you’ll see her wandering around
    whimpering with the remains of the toy in her mouth. She gets really frustrated because what she wants is to
    bury the thing. She’ll try to dig a hole between the cushions of the couch. Finding that unsatisfactory, she’ll wander
    some more, discontent, until you solve her problem for her. I usually show her the laundry basket, moving
    a few clothes so she can bury her toy beneath them. I do sound like a parent, don’t I? You have to
    understand, my own son is practically grown up.

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    Re: grown up

    Her own son is practically an adult, so she babies her "children," meaning her cats.

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