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    help me with my essay, please !!

    hi everyone,
    how you doing ? I hope you all doing okaay .
    I need help with my essay it's my first essay =D
    the essay is about the short story " thank you ma'am "
    the teacher wants me to talk about :
    1-What Roger will remember most about Mrs.Jones ?
    2-Explain how his final impression of her was different from his first one ?
    3-Then tell how you would have reacted in Mrs.Jones place ?
    I'm having problem with the topic and the concluding i don't know how to start.
    can you please help me i really need help as fast as you can ;P
    and also can you check my essay i just write the 3 bodies !!

    When Roger heard “When I get through with you, sir, you are going to remember mrs.Luella Bates Washington Jones”. He was terrified and he tried to struggle to get himself free. Then as he was taken to her house, he was told to wash up and had food to eat then he was given ten dollars to buy himself suede shoes. He was amazed and had no words to describe his feelings. He couldn’t have enough words to thank her.
    In the beginning he was scared and terrified but at the end he was thankful and will never forget her. She was very tough on her but at end she become caring and kind. He will never forget her toughing and kindness.
    If I was in Mrs.Jones place I would shout at him and if he didn’t behave I would hit him hard and call the police.

    I don't know what's the matter with the Quick Reply !!
    if anyone can help me just send me a massage on my user name .
    thank you <3
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