Hello!here is my assignment,so please help to correct the grammars and structures.
A good speaker or lecturer isnít a hard way to be, but it isnít also an easy way to be. Many people have saying that ďA person is a good speaker because he or she was born with that ability.ĒBut in fact, people can become a good speaker or lecturer by practice it again and again. In addition, here are the few clues people can become a good speaker.
First of all, the most important thing that people want to become a food speaker is manner, so he or she should be more friendly and positive to the audience. No one wants to hear someone complaining by wasting their precious time. Then, do you sound confident? Do any audience want to listen to a nervous presentation? Thatís why you must be confident. And then, volume also is a part of being a good speaker. The speaker use appropriate volume for the space in which you are speaking. Moreover, good eye contact with everyone shows that you are interested in talking to them, and your speech should no long pause and not too fast or too slow. However, body language and facial expression are also important part of it. While you are presenting, you should harmonize your message and your body language, so that can make the audience are easier to understand what are you talking about. Finally, when you are giving a speech. Do you pay attention to the clock? People have limited attention time span. If you give a speech for long time, the audience will be boring.
All in all, to be a good speaker you also should be a good listener. A good speaker isnít just present what do you want or just present to complete your speech, but the simple way is ďHow you can make people understand best.Ē People would love to hear your speech if you have those qualities that I have told above in your speech.