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I've always being passionate about engineering and science. From ever since I was a kid, I often out of curiosity break my toys to see what's inside of them and usually try fixing them back. I enjoy solving difficult problems, whether is around the house or at school in my class room I just like making things better. My science teacher suggested that I consider NJIT. Through research and recommendations I decided NJIT would be a great school to pursue a higher education. I discovered that by attending this institution I can achieve my goals.

As for why I choose to apply to NJIT, is because this school fits my interest in many ways. This school offers more than an education. There is a wide range of opportunities available to students at NJIT. The variety of academics, diverse student body, campus life, campus location and different athletic programs were all influential in my decision. Also NJIT offers state-of-art facilities.

My interest in science and engineering is very deep. I want to learn much more about these topics as they make the world a better place to live. If I get the chance to pursue a higher education in these fields then I will be able to contribute to the successes science and engineering has brought to the world. i want to help make people life easier and make a positive difference in the world.