actually am writing my third TOEFL essay and am so disappointed .
i don't feel like am improving . so please i want anyone to read my previous essay and compare it with this one . i want to know if i make a progress or not my exam after one month


4. It has been said, "Not all learning takes place in the classroom." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from personal experience with knowledge gained from classroom instruction. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

From ages learning was so important . people seek it in every way Possible.They tried to make experment and discover new things.as a human being we tend to be curious about the unknown.knowledge is so important to us.hence, some people tried their best to gain their knowledge from respected school while others prefer to gain it by themselves from personal life experience.
Both way are a good way for gaining knowledge . but personal life experience is much better.it touch our feelings and stick in our memory forever.

From childhood to elderly we learn a lot of things that expand our knowledge and shaped our personality.we learn from our parents how to face the world.we intimate their behaviour.

When we reach the adulthood phase we think the we are ready to take responsibilites.we make stupid,irrational and sometimes funny mistakes.
all what we do in our life from childhood to elderly will affect our life and it will expand our knowledge weither in bad or good way.
it will make stronger or weaker , happy or sad . it will shape our personality somehow.
hence, we will never who make us happy and who break our heart.
how was always there for us and who left us struggle alone.
we gain experience and we take a free lesson everyday.

In the other hand, we sometimes forget the values and the good lessons that we take in our classes.for example , we may learn that it is important to visit our relatives every week because it is good thing to do yet we only visit them once in a year.
sometimes it's hard to practice what we learn from our school in real life.

So i came to conclusion that what people learn from their personal life is more important from what they learn in school.
because personal experince leave scars.