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    talking during a test

    A student sees an Hispanic ESOL student asking a question to another during a test. What should the teacher do?

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    Re: talking during a test

    I don't really understand the situation. Maybe you mean "A TEACHER sees an Hispanic ESOL student...," because if it's just another student who sees him, I can't see where the problem is.

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    Re: talking during a test

    Regardless of the ethnicity, the teacher should follow the exam rules. If that means instant disqualification, then that is what should happen. If you are allowed to warn, then do that. The students should address any question to the invigilator not their neighbour. I have never seen an exam where this would be acceptable behaviour. If you do mean that a student sees it, it's up to the student- report them or say nothing depending on how you feel about it. As a student, I have seen cheating and said nothing. As a teacher, I have always acted.

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