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    'like-noir' meaning

    Teachers, please give me definition of the phrase 'like-noir' in following passage. Thanks a million.

    The movie’s apparently simple plot hid severals and twisted chronologies typical of postwar films. It began like a fairy tale, with Capra swinging upward from the opening shots of buildings and their chorus of prayers to a luminous heaven where the voices of God and Chief Angel Joseph issued from pulsating stars. Summoning a smaller star (Angel Second Class Clarence Oddbody, yet to earn his wings after 200 years), the voices explained that George Bailey was about to commit suicide. Clarence (Henry Travers) would have one hour to learn about George before descending to Earth to help him. What followed was a long, film noir-like flashback, covering George’s live up to the present. (The film did not quite live up to its promised time limit; George’s story required not an hour, but nearly 100 minutes.)

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    Re: 'like-noir' meaning

    noir-like = similar to the' film noir' style of films.
    Film noir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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