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Thread: sue n susan

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    sue n susan

    hello iwant to know how to pronouncethe following names

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    Re: sue n susan

    Sue is pronounced, [su:] and Susan is pronounced various ways,

    [1] the 'u' in under, [su:zən]
    [2] the 'e' in bed, [su:zɛn]
    [3] the 'i' in sit, [su:zIn]
    [4] no vowel [su:zn]

    Note, the 2nd "s" is pronounced [z]

    Click on the link below to hear the sounds for the vowels [ə], [ɛ], [I], [].

    Edited to add IPA (International Phonetics Alphabet)

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    Re: sue n susan

    it can also be the schwa ... like suz'n

    or 's-z&n

    where the & is the 'e' in kitten

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    Re: sue n susan

    Yes, and don't forget the zero-schwa version: [soozn].

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