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    could you please explain what the text in bold means:

    The parties in the frame of their authorities are obliged to provide assistance to each other on the following:

    admission of official claims as well as criminal cases

    What is an "official claim"? Which meaning has the word "admission" here? (admit a claim, admit a criminal case)

    Thank you so much


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    Re: Legal

    Without more context, it's difficult to say. My i9nitial reaction is that it sounds like 'disclosure'.

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    Re: Legal

    In my dictionary "admit a claim" stands for "recognizing a claim as justifiable", I cannot say exactly if this is the only meaning. In this case it's hard to say what "to admit a criminal case" can mean. Are you sure it's "admit a case", not a crime? Admitted crime means the crime that is confessed by the criminal.

    Hope it helps.

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    Re: Legal

    Hi, Hanka. I’m not a native speaker, but I’d interpret it this way:
    Official claims and criminal cases – all the papers, materials, and documents related to the actual cases.
    To admit – to give access, to accept (as in “application for admission (to a college)”). Now, there are two sides to the process of admission in this example: 1) to submit, to gather, to make available, 2) to accept, to receive.
    In other words, the parties must assist each other in admission (submitting or accepting) of the documents associated with official claims and criminal cases.
    Does this make sense?

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    Re: Legal

    Thanks very much to all of you. It was a great help for me.

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