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    please check these expression

    These expressions were written by a non-native English-speaking student (not me ). Can you please assess whether they are OK or awkward ? If so, please correct them all! Thanks a lot!

    "Sales in Taiwan levelled out at a plateau of 4,000 units per month, and have remained at that level" --> "a plateau of" seems to be redundant ?

    "fast-paced and fluff-free" --> what does it mean?

    "But resurrected in China, Walt's idyllic vision of small-town America has a surprisingly un-Iowan flavor" ---> it talked about Disneyland built in Hong Kong. What does "un-Iowan" mean?

    "get basic knowledge and norms from parents" --> it it OK?

    "what we learn will be encoded in our mind" -->"encoded" ??? Wrong use of word?

    "parents only teach sporadic knowledge" -->can we use "sporadic" here ?

    "from the emotional angle" --> it it OK?

    "parents help modulate our personality" --> can we use "modulate" here?

    "well-behaved, obedient children" --> does it sound like children is animal or pet?

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    Re: please check these expression

    These sentences are full of American-English idioms. They are all correct, but they don't sound like the work of non-native speakers who are learning the language.

    Plateu is not redundant.
    fluff-free means without any unnecessary embellishments
    Iowa is a state in the US that is in the middle of farm country. It is considered to be the epitome of middle-class average America. Un-Iowan means entirely different than what you would expect to find in America.

    The other phrases all use correct usage, but they sound like the kind of writing that I usually get from native-English speaking college students, not EFL or ESL students.

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